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I on this page I would like to present information about myself and a part of my portfolio

"beauty is a harmony of contrasts"

some of ideas to mixed vintage with luxury brands (photos with models are taken and stylized by me.)

below you will find a portfolio

My Story

Hello Luisa via Roma Im very glad I can send my application. 

From long time i waitting on something simillar


My name is Angelika Kowalewska i was born in 1994r. in small city in Poland. I always was very interesting about fashion, beauty and photography. I take my first photo session with models when i had 12 years old, of course not to much professional. ;) This was time when instagram dosent exist and was really mattered passion and and wanting to be better, sometimes i miss about this, without filtre, without phone, without instagram-stories. I think in my first period of I learned the most.


in 2014 I finish secondary Art school in Warsaw - specialization interior design. Lived in warsaw in the boarding school of art schools it taught me - every kind of art is very connection with different. And if you want be the best you must understand others. 


So on first i make a make up, hairtsyle, photography, reotuch, graphic

and i try be better in everything to understand what is the quarante of the success where is perfection and high level.


In 2014 i start study Photography on Art University in Poznań, i don't stayed too long I always knew i love beautyfull stuff i love commercial i love sell my vision it was not consistent with the type of studies in Poland.  In the 2016 i get my first job in fashion/lifestyle industry

in one of Magazine about kind of luxury lifestyle as a  photo editor assistant, but this work dont look like in movie. But then was first time when i understand i want work with unique, high quality products.

I worked also as a infolinia consultant, shop assistant, painter of christmas decoration ;) I am grateful for each of these experiences.


In 2016/2017 I am submitting an application for funding form UE to open my own companis and i get it. I start with my own photo-studio was called

o! Rokoko studio targeted at normal women not models. I made them proffesional photossesion like from magazine with personalized stylization, hairstyle, make up I helped with the poses. Sometimes i worked with sister or  make up artis, sometimes i did everything alone. In around 4 years i made 1-1,5 thousand of photoshoot, sometimes i taken 5 portaits session in one day. My studio was popular and liked, on Facebook still have 4,8 raiting. 


But with as the years go by I needed

more and more - professional fashion industry

I dreaming abot high fashion. This was time when i 

I employed two people i change space on bigger and i get first commercial work, from online shop, postproducing, photography of product,, so not was bad. And then I realised how looks fashion industry in poland and I feeled is not for me.

I start thinking about applique to some artist agancy and then from day to day i knowed what i really want to do.


In 2019 i change everything and I'm starting to turn my studio into a Vintage shop. Noones understand my decision.. in around 5 months my shop became one of the most popular vintage shop in Poland, i start sell a lot i had a lots of client. To this time I don't have name on the building i had only pretty windows interior. I don't know why this shop became that popular, maybe i have good eye, maybe my experience about stylization, customer service, my energy or i just know what people wants to wear.

Poland market about preowned clothes is really difficult, we have a lots of very cheap shop, second hand when you can buy a pices for 1 euro, in my shop prices started from 10 euro. Is not the same like in Italy when preowned clothes are only in vintage shops and people knows how look cashmere, silk, pure new wool in my country is not to much popular. But I had and have very good selection and knowledge about every pices. In this moment i have 3 employees, we we repair even the most damaged items and I shipping worldwide. Shop working very well

but is still not enough for me. I still dreaming about real fashion..


I know my knowledge about materials, about construction, make up, graphic, style can be very usefull for You. 

I the most love working with pretty clothes, this make me happy

working as a stylist in Luxury brand like Yours which consistently develops its position, will be amazing for me. 

From long time i know Italy as perfect place for me. People value high quality and good materials very much, so i star move my sales to Italy and I am there very often. I am moving permanently in April but

if I get a job I can start within a week, the store is at this stage,

it doesn't need me there

I can star from assistance of stylist too ;)

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fotografia reklamowa poznań, studio Fotograficzne Poznań, Angelina Kowalewska